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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today's ideologues are so concerned about causes, they have ceased to truly care about the people supposedly represented by them. These people are so "cause" driven they fail to even consider the people they hurt in the process. This demonstrates a degree of "sociopathic" behavior that seems to be epidemic.

The right-wing abortion protester outside of a clinic who engages in hurtful and abusive behavior toward the hurting young client who is trying to enter, is such an example. Another is the warmonger who is unconcerned with "collateral damage."

Consider the left-wing global warming crusader. They will feed into and support hysterical assertions and doomsday scenarios, supported by little evidence, while empowering opportunistic governments and politicians to enact poorly conceived and damaging legislation most directly affecting the poor in their struggle to make a living and provide for their own comfort. Add to this homosexual rights groups who push for sanctions against the Boy Scouts fully understanding that the donations by such organization as the United Way go toward funding the underprivileged (poor)participants.


this mindset has never been more evident than last night, the callousness and uncaring nature of the contemporary ideologue:

Two days ago a man killed 32 people at Virginia Tech. He happened to use a gun to accomplish this. Every news show last night came out in full force with the gun-control advocates to begin advancing the anti-gun agenda. They don't care about the loved ones who lost family or friends, they could care less that people's worlds are upside down. They couldn't wait ten minutes to get themselves in front of the camera to begin pounding away at their message. The only thing they care about is their cause, no matter who they hurt.

Dare I say, that many even seemed gleeful for the opportunity the Virginia Tech massacre afforded them.

Collateral damage--nothing more.

What a sick and repugnant nation we have become.

Case in point - It does not take long before truth is affirmed. Read this and weep.

posted by Jack Mercer @ 4/18/2007 08:58:00 AM  
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