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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
War on Global Cooling

The World in Peril. We are unanimously convinced that rapid, radical redressment of the present unbalanced and dangerously deteriorating world situation is the primary task facing mankind. Concerted internation measures and joint long-term planning will be necessary to a scale and scope without precedent. This supreme effort is founded on a basic change of values and goals at individual, national and world levels. 1972, Meadows et al.

War on Global Warming

History offers no example of parallel threat on a global, national or even local scale. To "wait and see" invites disaster. Only the long-term threats of global warming, oxygen loss, exhaustion of other basic resources in the oceans and continents as well as the eventual possibility of an earth-asteroid collision demand worldwide action on a similar scale. A worldwide strategic mobilization similar to the effort required by World War II must be developed in the weeks ahead. 1998. UN Working Group of Informatics.

Did I miss Y2K?

posted by Jack Mercer @ 3/14/2007 01:48:00 PM  
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