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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I expect my young daughter to act rudely, rashly and without much consideration for fact or the accumulation of data, and I have learned to expect the same from Democrats. The News Snipet maintains that contemporary Democrats are mostly adults that never grew up. Talk to a committed contemporary Democrat and it won't take long to detect their often simplistic and short-sighted views.
Often, the only things that Democrat's seem to be far-seeing are their perceived bogey men (global warming, and related Chicken Little crises, etc.)
It is particularly interesting speaking to them on issues such as economics. Examples are many and varied but those most notable are Social Security and the minimum wage. Social Security My daughter understands readily that if I give her a dollar that she has a dollar to spend. As long as dad has a dollar to give, she is able to spend one. This is the way Social Security was originally set up, but even FDR had the foresight to indicate that it should not STAY that way. At the risk of generalization, I have noticed that many contemporary liberals (which are the strength behind the Democrat party)--like my young daughter, tend to live "allowance" to "allowance", and do not perceive the future value money. Minimum Wage Who do you know that makes minimum wage? Better yet, who do you know who has a wife, three children and a dog who can live off of $7.00/hr(the REAL sham of the politically motivated "minimum wage")? Two things happen when a regulating agency sets an arbitrary number for the cost of doing business: 1. The business will sink or 2. the cost will be passed along to the consumer. Its like my daughter who demands an increase to her allowance without increased responsibility or output. She either loses her allowance completely or she forces sacrifice elsewhere. In scenario 1. we find that if we do not have businesses we do not have an economy. In scenario 2. we find that we have adopted a policy detrimental to an economy (inflation, higher interest rates, unemployment, recession). In either case, the decisional forces of the free market are hampered and often brought to a screeching halt. Look forward to seeing higher interest rates, higher prices, and decreased productivity. Either way, Democrats continue to demonstrate a naive and childlike thinking (or is it political pandering?) on issues concerning the American economy. In terms of Social Security, their thinking never made it out of the '30s. In terms of the minimum wage, the '20s. If the trend continues, expect to see our nation return to the days of Carternomics. (Note: Many Republicans have started acting like contemporary Democrats which will ultimately lead to their demise as they continue to alienate mature Americans--Democrats will always have their child-like base)
posted by Jack Mercer @ 1/02/2007 03:53:00 PM  
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