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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
MOST "LIBERALS" I HAVE MET ARE STAUNCH ADVOCATES OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT...AS LONG AS IT IS SPEECH THEY AGREE WITH. THE EDITOR OF THE NEWS SNIPET (SOLE EDITOR) HAS BEEN BANNED (COMMENTS DELETED!) FROM 4 "LIBERAL" BLOGS FOR ASKING QUESTIONS AND THREATENED AT 3 "LIBERAL" BLOGS FOR DISAGREEING WITH OPINION. CHECK EACH TIME, IT WAS VERY ELOQUENTLY LAID OUT THE REASONING BEHIND THE BAN, BUT WHEN IT CAME DOWN TO IT, IT WAS GOOD OLD FASHIONED CENSORSHIP. THIS OUT ON ONE OF THE BLOGS THAT I AM NOT ALLOWED ON. (SUGGEST YOU READ THE WHOLE POST) Democratic Underground: "Are you sick of that person who constantly harasses you on DU? Now you can do something about it... As you read this thread, Elad is in the process of implementing an important upgrade to the ignore feature. It should be working properly at any moment. We have completely overhauled and upgraded our ignore function to give you much more control your own DU experience. And this isn't one of those minor cosmetic changes. You now have the power to literally block another member from ever directly replying to any of your posts. We understand that some of these changes will be controversial. We also understand that there may be some not-so-pleasant unintended consequences to these changes. If you have any questions or concerns, please read this entire post before responding. We also suggest you read the replies of other DUers to see if someone else has already said what you want to say. We will do our best to respond to all of your questions, but we're not going to answer the same question over and over again." P.S. I HAVE BEEN VEHEMENTLY DISAGREED WITH ON 2 "CONSERVATIVE" BLOGS, DISAGREED WITH AN A DOZEN OR MORE "CONSERVATIVE" BLOGS, BUT SO FAR I HAVE NEVER BEEN BANNED. COULD IT BE THAT "LIBERALS" CHAMPION THE BILL OF RIGHTS ONLY WHEN IT APPLIES TO THEM?
posted by Jack Mercer @ 1/10/2007 06:00:00 PM  
  • At 1/11/2007 01:18:00 PM, Blogger chickenhawk said…


  • At 1/11/2007 02:45:00 PM, Blogger Jack Mercer said…

    Originalists hold the Bill of Rights sacred, CH. Neocons--not entirely sure about them. I guess this is why I really have difficulty referring to myself as a "conservative"--was one back when Goldwater was--guess he was the last (but far from perfect). Now it seems like we just have "factions" in the United States--neither of them concerned with preserving what so many have sacrificed to obtain...


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