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Monday, December 11, 2006
Kirk Douglas Issues Editorial on His 90th Birthday, Saturday, December 9th: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance: "Let's face it: THE WORLD IS IN A MESS and you are inheriting it. Generation Y, you are on the cusp. You are the group facing many problems: abject poverty, global warming, genocide, AIDS, and suicide bombers to name a few. These problems exist, and the world is silent. We have done very little to solve these problems. Now, we leave it to you. You have to fix it because the situation is intolerable." YOU'RE GENERATION WENT ABOUT FIXING PROBLEMS-- OURS TALKS ABOUT THEM YOU'RE GENERATION SACRIFICED LIFE AND PROSPERITY-- OURS ONLY TAKES AND FEELS ENTITLED TO MORE YOU'RE GENERATION SURVIVED THE GREAT DEPRESSION-- OURS COMPLAINS ABOUT THE LACK OF WELFARE YOU'RE GENERATION DEFEATED A GREAT EVIL-- OURS WANTS TO RUN AND HIDE YOU'RE GENERATION BUILT THE GREATEST FREE-MARKET ECONOMY IN THE WORLD-- OURS JUST WANTS ITS BENEFITS WITHOUT THE WORK YOU'RE GENERATION FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM-- OURS GIVES IT AWAY WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT YOU'RE GENERATION GAVE-- OURS ONLY TAKES
posted by Jack Mercer @ 12/11/2006 03:24:00 PM  
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