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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Snipet has always maintained a rather neutral position on the whole global warming issue, understanding that the debate is more political than it is scientific. For the socialists in the world, the issue presents an opportunity to increase control and oversight, fueled by Marxism and Fabian Socialism (beware those who always promote their platform through fear or supposed "crisis").

For the unconscionable capitalist/opportunist the issue leans toward the accumulation of wealth at any costs without regard to future generations (beware those who frame their arguments in dismissive terms). Contributing toward the debate are two types of science--fuzzy and hard. Many on the left would maintain that the science that supports their position is hard and anything to the contrary is fuzzy. The right will do the same. Because of this, the common folk rarely pay attention to reality, choosing rather to engage in the accumulation of information that "feels" right or fits their politics.

Interesting article: Studies Portray Tropical Arctic in Distant Past - New York Times: "The first detailed analysis of an extraordinary climatic and biological record from the seabed near the North Pole shows that 55 million years ago the Arctic Ocean was much warmer than scientists imagined a Floridian year-round average of 74 degrees. "

posted by Jack Mercer @ 6/01/2006 03:43:00 PM  
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