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Monday, May 15, 2006
Those media folks who report from the White House sure are smart. Not only do they know what the President is going to say before he says it. They know why he’s going to say it. Since we know all this in advance, I’m not sure why the President will even bother to give his primetime speech to the nation tonight. It will all be old news by then. Knowing what he’s going to say – or at least the highlights – is not that hard. For some reason, Presidents like to leak some highlights of their speeches before they actually give them. Maybe it’s so they can know what reaction to expect, and begin to prepare the rebuttal. Maybe they think it will entice more people to listen – kind of like a movie trailer is supposed to get people to the theater. Therefore, we can be fairly certain that the President is going to announce that he’s going to send thousands of National Guard troops to help secure the Mexican border. How many thousands? We don’t know. More than one, less than ten. Knowing that is not good enough for White House reporters and pundits. We have to know why. He will tell us why, but why should we wait? His explanation will be “spin” anyway. The White House reporters know that real truth, and it is this. He’s doing it to appease the immigration hardliners in his party (mislabeled “conservatives” by the media) so they will vote for a more complete immigration package. If he does what they want, “first, secure the border,” then they are more likely to do what he wants – that is, vote for an immigration reform bill that provides a method for illegal immigrant workers (or at least some of them) to stay in the country and follow a path to legal immigration status. The President will give a different explanation for his actions of course, but the Washington media is not going to be fooled by his explanation. They know what he’s really up to. Actually, this time, they are probably right – or pretty close to being right, and it might work to change a few votes if that’s what he’s trying to do, but I doubt it will change many minds among the real hardliners. I hear from the hardliners all the time. You may be one of them. I haven’t heard too many say that if you “first secure the borders,” they will accept what they call “amnesty” for the illegals who are already here. It’s not actually “first, secure the borders.” It’s “Secure the borders – period.” Most members of congress are not quite as intransigent as the hardliners they represent, so my guess is – and it’s only a guess – that the President will be able to move enough votes to get the “guest worker” program he wants. But his National Guard action won’t give much political cover to his Republican friends in Congress
posted by Jack Mercer @ 5/15/2006 10:49:00 AM  
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