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Sunday, September 18, 2005
Image hosted by In Cambridge, crowd cheers on Sheehan - The Boston Globe: "''We remembered something that we as Americans had forgotten after almost five years of being under a virtual dictatorship,' she said on Cambridge Common. ''We have the power. We Americans are the ones with the power.'"
posted by Jack Mercer @ 9/18/2005 05:26:00 AM  
  • At 9/19/2005 10:30:00 PM, Blogger Henwhisperer said…

    Now she's calling Hillary out to play. The article is linked on my blog.


  • At 9/20/2005 06:20:00 AM, Blogger Jack Mercer said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 9/20/2005 09:26:00 AM, Blogger Smorgasbord said…

    She's delusional because she thinks the American people are the ones with the power, right?

  • At 9/20/2005 09:39:00 AM, Blogger Jack Mercer said…

    That, and also she has no clue what it is to live under a dictatorship, Smorg.

    The "left" bandies terminology around rather loosely.

    Good to hear from you and Hen.


  • At 9/20/2005 02:15:00 PM, Blogger Nölff said…

    Let Bush's time expire. I don't agree with Bush, but his time is almost up.

    The media loves to give this woman attention.

    I'm back dude. Everything is OK. We got robbed at our studio.

  • At 9/20/2005 02:26:00 PM, Blogger Jack Mercer said…


    HATE to hear that, Man! Did you lose much? Are Greenville's finest working on it?

    I agree wholeheartedly about Bush. I think it would be a wonderful strategy of the Democrats to just drop back and appear "above it all". It would give the average joe-public a better impression of them.

    Never have understood the hate-Bush crowd. I disapprove of most of his policy myself, but don't understand the dislike. Of course, I never hated Clinton either. They're just men, prone to failure--men who have probably done a better job than I would have in their shoes.

    Also, I hate that Cindy has put herself out there as she has. She is a tool of the fringe left and an object of derision of the fringe right. Don't know why people do this sort of thing--just wanting attention I guess.


  • At 9/20/2005 03:40:00 PM, Blogger Nölff said…

    yes we have county on it. They dusted for fingerprints, and they are looking at all of the pawn shops. We lost about 60,000 worth of equipment.

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