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Friday, May 13, 2005
The Snipet drew criticism from its 4/15 post on education. Here's some more to critique: THOSE THAT CAN, DO. THOSE THAT CAN'T, TEACH. Reminiscing once again on the good 'ol college days I honestly can't think of any of my professors who don't fit the above stereotype. Picturing any of them in the real world is a stretch. Yes, most of them spoke of real-world experience; however, I would have loved to see most of their resumes--I guarantee none of them held a real job more than 2 years. I'm sure you detect a degree of synicism in my tone. I'm not at ALL being critical of these individuals who attain tenure after a short stint, and are impossible to fire, dismiss or get rid of and who settle down for the next thirty years of their lives and do nothing but show up for class with a half baked lesson plan. Truly, the only thing I took away from my college experience was a piece of paper that opened doors to jobs that I never have quite enjoyed. TO THE POINT -Although a few of us escaped with our brains intact, a great deal of students don't. These are the students who assimulate the philosophy of their professors. These students are supposedly the future of the nation's leadership. (I shudder to think...) -If the future is what our colleges are producing, then it may concern you to see the political, economic, religious, and social constitution of our nation in the near future: Recently the faculties of a large group of colleges and universities were polled. Those who were absent were located according to their voting registration. These "balanced" bastians of diversity and learning lined up as follows: Political registration of faculty: Republican, Libertarian or right leaning party: 3 % Democrat, Green or left leaning party: 96% If today's students are tomorrows leaders we have an interesting future to look forward to. (An additional statistic of the poll was interesting. The highest percentage of left leaning professors were in English, History, Psychology, and Women's Studies. While most registered to the right were in disciplines such as Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Engineering.)
posted by Jack Mercer @ 5/13/2005 10:47:00 AM  
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