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PPIC (Put Parents in Charge) Legislation fails in SC.
Friday, May 13, 2005
In order to win office in SC you have to be a Republican. So, many of the Democrats who run, run as Republican. We have more RINO's than any state in the Union. For the first time, SC had an opportunity to forge groundbreaking legislation. The RINO's aren't interested, and the remaining Republicans are typical of their contemporaries--Spineless. __________________________________________________ Here's my letter to the locals: Dear Senator Such & Such: It all comes down to statistics and leadership. I'll deal with the latter first. I have lived all over the United States and have heard of many states copying others' practical legislation but to date I have never heard anyone want to be like South Carolina. Why? Because of the former--statistics. South Carolina often ranks highest in many undesirable categories (i.e. violence against women) and lowest in many desirable categories (i.e. education). We have elected Republican officials in the hopes of strengthening our legislative backbone, but the people of South Carolina continue to be sorely disappointed with politics as usual. For the first time in a long time, we had an opportunity to demonstrate our leadership, to place South Carolina in the spotlight of dynamic political change and progress with the PPIC legislation, but as usual the organized lobby proved stronger than the common sense or principle of our legislators. They have well earned the praise of South Carolina's top Democrat, Inez Tennenbaum. Such has left this voter looking for an alternative to our failing Republican party. Disappointed, -Jack
posted by Jack Mercer @ 5/13/2005 07:34:00 AM  
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