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Give the FBI an Inch -- They Will Take Your Foot
Monday, October 24, 2005
Well, the Devilish details of a “few” FBI violations from the Patriot Act has finally seen daylight. Of course, they are all protected by executive decision, which should mean that ALL executives involved should endure all the violations and the number of times that a fellow US citizen was denied their rights. This would not be a big deal because the FBI says, and I quote, “none of the cases have involved major violations and most amount to administrative errors.” So, then, let the FBI agents (all the way up to the President & the Attorney General) experience these “administrative errors.” I bet we will have a different mindset about our freedom. The reason politicians will start stuttering and stammering when this is mentioned is the fact that one of these “minor violations” involves an “un-consented, physical search.” We have started down the slope that everyone is guilty until proven innocent. A pound of flesh is a minor incident when it's someone else's flesh. – Stanley Truelove
posted by Stanley Truelove @ 10/24/2005 09:37:00 AM  
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